The Northern Irish police have shared a guide to sexting for parents 4 years ago

The Northern Irish police have shared a guide to sexting for parents

The path to misguided is paved with good intentions.

The Northern Irish police force of Newry and Mourne, posted a Secret Sexting Code acronym guide to their facebook page. It was an effort to educate parents to as to the abbreviated language of their children.


The guide 'reveals' that LH6 stands for “let’s have sex” while the number 8 apparently represents oral sex, the guide doesn't hold back from the graphic although some of the codes do seem particularly farcical.


There has been some backlash as the infographic originates from America and commenters felt that the acronyms didn't fully resonate with Northern Irish lingo.

The disconnect between generations is present in every age and the advancement of technology has meant only that we share on screen rather than in gesture or via the secret codes of the year 90s.

During the time of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the US army, asking someone if they were 'a friend of Dorothy?' was the same as asking if they were gay and in my Irish college asking someone if they wanted to go look at the stars was as pure a way of looking for the shift as you would ever hear.

Modern Family's has a nicely orchestrated monologue as to the dearth of understanding between teen and aged'.


It's hard to feel smug though, when within a decade everything we know will be out of date and a generation younger will be speaking exclusively in clicks.