30 of the funniest Vines of all time 6 years ago

30 of the funniest Vines of all time

Vine is dead. Long live Vine.

They can discontinue Vine, but they can never discontinue the memes.


Here's a look at some of the greatest six second clips of all time.

1. When Arthur met John Terry

2. When someone put too many balloons in their car


3. When this guy was overcome with grief

4. When there were too many lights for Donald Trump


5. When we remembered Motorola made the coolest phone

6. When Ed Miliband gave us the eyes


7. When Fast & Furious got a cool new update

8. When someone got their McFlurry spoiled


9. When Bernie Sanders REALLY went for that youth vote

10. When this cat got soul

11. When Soulja Boy had a good sing song

12. When we told to stop lying

13. When we found out man was no longer at the top of the food chain

14. When this DJ had enough

15. When Owen Wilson arrived

16. When this owl started SERVING

17. When showering got too real

18. When we found emo cat

19. When we found this otter

20. When you finally got paid

21. When the struggle was real

22. When the 5p bag charge came

23. When this lawnmover got its entire life

24. When this summed up Mondays

25. When Nickelback happened

26. When ducks happened

27. When clapbacks happened

28. When "on fleek" happened

29. When Paul happened

30. When Krispy Kreme happened

RIP Vine.