Pic: A Galway pizzeria have come up with a great Valentine’s Day Tinder promo and the girls are loving it 8 years ago

Pic: A Galway pizzeria have come up with a great Valentine’s Day Tinder promo and the girls are loving it

All the single ladies (in Galway) put your hands up for this.

This weekend is, of course, Valentine’s weekend and while all the couples out there will be all loved up, there’ll be a lot of singletons desperate for attention.


A lot of that is because TV and advertising have created an impression that being lonely on this one weekend of the year is somehow an awful thing but that’s neither here nor there.

Thanks to one pizzeria in Galway, some lucky single ladies in the city or the surrounding areas will not just have company this weekend but they’ll be wined and dined and might just meet the love of their lives in the process.

The lads behind Dough Brothers Pizzeria in Galway – Eugene, Paul and Ronan – have created a Tinder account, as you can see below. Don’t they all look lovely?

For reference, Eugene is the ginger one (his own words), Paul is the bearded one and Ronan is the blondie.



The lads are inviting single ladies to match with the joint Tinder account and to pick which one of the lads they're keen on.

Providing they all get enough matches, the lads will then select a girl apiece, wine them and dine them (with free pizza) and then take them out for a night on the town.

Progress of their dates will be updated on the Facebook page (all it’ll need is a Blind Date style voiceover) but the lads, for their part, promise that “by god will there be shiftin’ done”. No wonder the ladies are knocking down the door already.


Before getting in touch with us, the lads had already gotten 150 matches in 30 minutes (we’ve seen screenshots) and even attracted this saucy message from a Tinder user who shall remain anonymous.


In any case, the lads seem well up for a bit of craic and there’s free pizza involved so we could think of better ways for a single lady to spend Valentine’s night.

For more information you can check the lads out on Facebook and Twitter.


As far as romantic gestures go, this will take some topping. *JOE goes to get coat