QUIZ: Can you name these smartphones with their logos removed? 2 years ago

QUIZ: Can you name these smartphones with their logos removed?

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You’ve probably owned at least one of these.


Considering they’re like extensions of our bodies at this stage, it seems like the smartphones we use on a regular (and probably far too frequent) basis have been around forever.

It’s only really since the emergence of the iPhone in the late 2000s that the smartphone really took off, but it has been making up for lost time, with multiple brands bringing countless amount of models to consumers worldwide ever since.

As long as smartphones have existed, so has the dread every owner carries of dropping them, smashing the screen and ruining their day in the process.

You know the feeling...


Of course, you can always prevent that sinking feeling by signing up to Revolut Plus, which protects your purchases and covers you for theft and accidental damage, including – that’s right – accidentally smashing the screen on your precious smartphone.

That purchase protection is available on Revolut Plus for as little as €2.99 a month, while it also gives you greater flexibility in returning purchased items for refund.

Purchases up to a value of €1,000 are covered for a full 365 days, while you get:

  • Cover if a personal item is stolen.
  • Cover if you break an important item, including your smartphone
  • Protection when you forget to return that gift in time
  • Cover if you need to cancel a ticket for a gig or a show at the last minute

More information on how to sign up to Revolut Plus is available here, but having spoken so much about smartphones so far, why not test your knowledge of some of the current crop – and a golden oldie or two – in our quiz below?

Kudos to anyone who gets full marks here, because it ain’t easy.


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