The joys of remote working: How technology helped us pursue our dream jobs 2 years ago

The joys of remote working: How technology helped us pursue our dream jobs

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How laptops changed the way we worked.

It used to be that everyone went into the office to work. Now we carry our office with us. A 12" laptop or tablet can now open up a world of professional opportunities to us.

Modern, portable technology has changed the way we interact with the world. Take the example of Alex Dunlop of Navitas Crossfit, who uses his Microsoft Surface Pro to video his customers' performance and offer them real-time, visual feedback on their technique. Having this kind of interactive information at your fingertips would have seemed like something out of a science fiction film only 15 years ago.

Now it is helping this Dublin entrepreneur build a new business based on disruptive technologies. Mobile technology is now a seamless part of life, whether that is in the gym or as part of the increasing trend for flexible or remote working.

A sleek new laptop is no longer just a means to connect with friends and family or to enjoy the wider world via the web. It can also provide you with a way to make a living regardless of where you are based.

So you have international reporters armed with little more than a laptop and their wits meeting their deadlines in Dublin with a click of a button. Co-workers can instantly communicate from opposite ends of the globe via a video chat or through email. Portable modern devices are now a window onto the world, even if they're small enough to tuck into a shoulder bag.

Bloggers and digital influencers are making a living just by expressing themselves through their keyboards. Something as slick and compact as a Microsoft Surface Pro now offers everything you need to make a living in this digital world. Digital nomads can now work from anywhere using wireless tech, cloud-based apps and the powerful portable hardware that is now easy to afford.

So your office can be a coffee shop, a park or a beach in Thailand. Young remote workers like freelance designers, content creators or writers have the world at the fingertips and a stylish and powerful modern PC is their passport to a world of digital opportunity.

It's an exciting time where technology has given us the means to work on the go, be successful and create online businesses with nothing but a WiFi connection and a power source. Or, like Alex in Navitas Crossfit, you can use technology to elevate your existing business and find better ways to do things.

It's a brave new world and our portable devices are the way we explore it. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities it presents?

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