Review: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX100 lens 8 years ago

Review: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX100 lens

Turn your smartphone into a camera with the QX100 lens

These days your average smartphone comes with a pretty fantastic camera that can capture high quality images, but if you want to get the feel of an SLR, or get better quality images, then you can opt for a Sony smart lens to give you that little bit of extra oomph.


Recently, JOE got our hands on the QX100, a part of the Cyber-shot range, that gives you those extra capabilities on your phone to get higher quality shots. So what's the craic then, is it of any use or should you splash your cash on a proper SLR camera?

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Firstly we should talk about the specs and the design. There's a 20.2 megapixel camera with a 1-inch image sensor, a significant upgrade on your average phone camera. What that means is not only will you get greater clarity, but you should get better shooting in low light conditions too. It's pretty similar to their RX100, which is a premium compact camera, and has more or less the same specs. Where we noticed a real difference was in how it captured colours with a lot more vibrancy.

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The main benefits to the device are that your social media snaps are going to be of a much higher quality and you can share those images with ease from your phone and its mobile data. Realistically, that's going to be the big draw as a lens like this can't match a proper SLR, but it does take a huge step up from the camera on your phone.

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There are also a few lag issues when you connect the device, and the time it takes between snapping the pic and your phone processing it can be a bit of an annoyance. Speaking of connection, it's all done pretty easily as you can just use NFC. The option to take a snap using the lens on its own once its connected is a handy feature we must say, and it means that you can get some interesting shots. There is a slight downside to that though, because you do have to bring the two devices around and you need to find somewhere to fit the lens, as it won't slot in to your average pocket.

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If you're going around with the lens attached, then it's like carrying a camera and somewhat defeats the purpose, so you might as well carry the camera, but bottom line, you do get some high quality snaps that are instantly on your phone for sharing on whatever medium you choose. We took the device recently to Berlin to give it a run out (jet-setting JOE), and we were happy with how it performed in terms of portability and quality, even if there was a bit of lag. Our holiday snaps, which you can see sprinkled throughout the review, turned out more than decent, considering that we didn't bring a full camera at all.

We also took a picture of our bad ass pancakes that we made one time. Check them out, they've got whiskey and bacon.

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Overall, the main question is whether this is worth the money, and the answer to that question really depends on what you're using it for. Having the option of a seriously quality lens on your camera is great, but if you're going to use your computer to edit the shots afterwards, then a proper camera is a better use of your cash.


However, if social is your thing, then this could be the way to go. You can get good quality footage and snaps on the go and upload it with little or no delay, which is a major plus. Think of all the views your YouTube channel can get or all the extra shares on your Instagram pic. Let's just pray that social isn't your thing in the same way it's these people's thing.

The portraits and close ups, as well as the SLR-stlye effect of being able to draw focus to one person or object in a shot also is a selling point, and will make your Facebook profilers way better, obviously.

Final score:

The DSC QX-100 is available from the Sony Ireland website as well as from Sony distributors nationwide