Revolut confirms users in Ireland will face a hike in fees from 23 April 2 years ago

Revolut confirms users in Ireland will face a hike in fees from 23 April

The banking service has over one million users in Ireland.

Revolut is to introduce new fees in Ireland from 23 April this year, the app-based banking service has confirmed.


Holders of free standard accounts will now be limited to five no-fee ATM withdrawals each month, while the €200 per month limit on no-fee withdrawals will also remain in place alongside it.

Revolut said both of these limits will apply independently and you will pay a fee as soon as you reach one limit, even if you don't reach the other.

If one of the thresholds is exceeded, standard customers will be charged a fee equal to 2% of the transaction, or a fee of €1, whichever figure is greater.

This new minimum fee is new addition for the banking app.


For Revolut users with Plus, Premium or Metal plans, there will be no limit on the number of withdrawals from ATMs, however the company said they will also face the same minimum fee 2% or €1 if they exceed the monthly limit specific to their account.

Revolut has always charged the equivalent of £4.99 for the standard delivery of a Revolut card and €19.99 for the express delivery of the card. The company confirmed this process would change and users would be informed, at the time of ordering, how much it would cost to deliver the card, depending on their location.

The banking app has surged in popularity in Ireland in recent years with the company confirmed in May 2020 it had signed up one million Irish customers since it launched here.