Revolut issue statement regarding privacy update 3 years ago

Revolut issue statement regarding privacy update

Revolut users - take note.

Popular banking app Revolut has issued a notice regarding a privacy change that is due to take place in the coming days.


The update is in relation to the banking app's policy with regards to who it shares user's private information with.

The updated privacy policy will see user's data shared with social media and analytics companies, as well as credit bureaus to "help Revolut better assess your financial circumstances".

Customers have less than two weeks to opt out of the privacy policy update, as the new policy goes live on 12 Novemebr 2019.

According to Revolut, the bank will use your social media information to send its adverts to you, because it thinks that you might be interested in a new Revolut product or service.


It will also "send our adverts to people who have a similar profile to you (for example, if one of our services is particularly useful to people with similar interests to the ones on your social-media profile, we may ask our advertising partner or social-media partner to send our adverts for that service to those people)."

If you wish to opt out of the privacy update, you can do so by contacting Revolut's support team via the in-app chat.

More information on the privacy policy update can be found here.