Revolut announce "technical issue" stopping customers from using the app 3 years ago

Revolut announce "technical issue" stopping customers from using the app

The financial technology company has issued a statement following the technical issue.

Revolut has apologised for a technical issue that has resulted in a number of its services being rendered unusable.


As of Wednesday afternoon (30 October), a number of customers around the world are unable to sign into their account, while some who are able to sign in are unable to top up their bank card, or use the money transferring feature.

The company released a statement on its Twitter page apologising for the issue, which read:

"We're having a technical issue which is stopping some of our customers from logging into the app.

"Card payments and ATM withdrawals are working as normal. Our engineers are on the case, and we'll keep you updated. We're really sorry for the trouble.


"We're really [sorry] for the trouble, and we really appreciate your patience. Hang tight, and we'll let you know as soon as we have an update from our engineers."

The company also replied to a customer's query regarding the safety of their money, assuring that money that is in people's account is not in danger of being lost.

"The money is safe. Some features might be unavailable right now due to the amount of people trying to access it. We will update the status page once it's fixed."


You can keep up to date with the app's status on its website here.