Snapchat's new feature brings a whole different dimension to Snap Map 4 years ago

Snapchat's new feature brings a whole different dimension to Snap Map

You no longer have to live with FOMO.

Since the introduction of Snap Map, being able to see where your friends are or what they are up to became a whole lot easier, even if it did make you wonder why you weren't invited along (and it did bring up some quite relevant questions about privacy).


All you had to do was pinch the screen on your phone and up popped an interactive map, showing the bitmoji of your friends all over Ireland.

Have you ever seen people in a certain restaurant, or part of the city, that you had never visited before and thought, 'I wouldn't mind going there myself?'

Well, Snapchat is adding a 'more' button that pulls up information related to the locations pictured in the map, including opening hours and/or contact details.

It's all part of a new feature called Context Cards, which allows you to complete bookings using TripAdvisor and use pop-up taxi services to bring you to that destination...


Clip via Snapchat

Context Cards can feature things like:

  • Reviews from critics and customers
  • Directions to the venue
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone numbers to contact
  • Rides from ride-sharing services
  • Reservations at restaurants
  • Websites for more information
  • More Snaps from around that area

The Context Cards, which will first launch in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, will also feature Snapchat stories posted by users publicly related to the area.

Snapchat have said that although, "Context Cards are only available in specific countries right now, they will hopefully be available worldwide soon."