Snapchat are launching a very exciting true crime series 4 years ago

Snapchat are launching a very exciting true crime series

Big, big news...

Snapchat has moved into the true crime genre after launching its first original series called True Crime/Uncovered.


The six-episode crime series, True Crime/Uncovered, was produced exclusively for Snapchat by Condé Nast Entertainment and will explore six separate horrific crimes over the course of half a dozen five-minute episodes.

In a statement, Snapchat explained the plot of the first three episodes.

The first episode examines the 2014 case of Warriena Wright, whose Tinder date turned deadly after she fell from a balcony. But was it an accident? The episode features an interview with Daniel Piotrowski, a reporter for Daily Mail who covered the case.

Episode two, available March 14, examines the 2009 case of Annie Le, the Yale graduate student who vanished five days before her wedding before being found murdered. The episode features an interview with now retired New Haven Police Detective, Lt. Lisa Dadio, a former investigator on the case.

The third episode, available March 16, delves into the 2014 Slender Man case, in which two 12-year-old girls stabbed their friend nearly to death in an effort to please the fictional character Slender Man. The episode features an interview with Dr. Melissa Westendorf, a court-appointed forensic psychologist on the case.

None of these stories would be out of place on a regular true-crime show, and soon you'll be able to watch them on the Snapchat app.


At the In-TV conference in Jerusalem at the weekend, head of original content at Snapchat Sean Mills gave a first look at the series.

Speaking at the event Mills said: "This is a year where we’ll play with a lot of new genres. We’re still experimenting."

According to Deadline, Mills is interested in developing a horror series, a teen drama series and even a daily soap opera.