Snapchat reveal the most used filters of 2017 5 years ago

Snapchat reveal the most used filters of 2017

Somehow, the dog filter wasn't number one.

Snapchat, the instant messaging app that was once most famous for its disappearing photos, is now probably more closely associated with the filters people use to change how they look.


In fact, some people are so fond of a filter that you're almost surprised to see them in real life without a giant cartoon tongue sticking out of their mouth.

According to HighSnobiety, the people behind Snapchat compiled a list of a the 15 most popular filters of 2017 — we're sure you're guilty of using more than a few of these.

1. Cute pink furry ears
2. Dog
3. Deer face
4. Big mouth
5. Wide face
6. Rabbit ears and snow
7. Face Mask (brown)
8. Face Mask (pink)
9. Cartoon glasses with freckles and leaves
10. Hearts around the head
11. Pink blossom
12. Flower crown
13. Beauty
14. Face Swap
15. Animal ears and glasses