Here's how you can go back to the older version of Snapchat 1 week ago

Here's how you can go back to the older version of Snapchat

People seem to hate the new one...

Snapchat recently released a redesign that hasn’t exactly been a hit with many of its users.

With most apps, if you opt for the upgrade you’re stuck with the new version until the developer puts out something new, but there is a way around this recent upgrade.

The good folks at Mashable have discovered a way to revert back if you use an iPhone, at least for the time being.

Twitter user Clare James posted step-by-step instructions on Friday on how you can get back the old Snapchat on iOS.


But there's a small snag on this. If you force quit the app and re-open it, you'll be again greeted by the new version of the app.

Although, if you avoid force closing the app, you could potentially stay using the old version for a significant period of time. But, it may be difficult not to accidentally force close it.

Snapchat also warns of the danger of losing your memories if you reinstall Snapchat, so it recommends backing them up if you're doing this step.

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