Sony announce a new virtual reality headset for PS4 7 years ago

Sony announce a new virtual reality headset for PS4

Get ready to experience Project Morpheus... we're not sure if you have to take any blue or red pills though

Last night, the Senior Vice President of Product Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Shu Yoshida took to the PlayStation blog to announce what the company believe will be the next evolution in gaming, a virtual reality headset.


The name of the latest device is 'Project Morpheus' (oh it's all very Matrix) and will be a very high-tech piece of kit. Its display will be 1080p resolution and have a 90 degree field of view, but there will be a series of sensors and a PlayStation Camera that will track and monitor your movement as you look around, so that your virtual world moves around with you when you do.

There will also be 3D sound that similarly moves around with you, and it will be fairly simple to plug in and play, according to what they're saying anyway. There will be demos at the Games Developers Conference of the device, so we'll hopefully see a few more videos and pictures of what we can expect from Morpheus, which has been in development for over three years apparently.

Of course, the folks at Oculus Rift won't be thrilled about this, although we must admit that Sony's prototype (while still incredibly geeky) certainly has a design edge over it. What remains to be seen is how Microsoft will react and whether they will follow suit with something similar, or if they're not going to put their eggs in the virtual reality basket just yet.

Hat-tip to Sony for the image