The world's most pedantic man has made 47,000 Wikipedia edits to date 7 years ago

The world's most pedantic man has made 47,000 Wikipedia edits to date

He's determined to stamp out the use of 'comprised of' in our lifetime.

This man is our god. Or is it God?


He probably knows the answer because he is the most pedantic man in the world, who spends hours at a time fixing mistaken uses of the term 'comprised of' on Wikipedia.

Software engineer Bryan Henderson works on 70 or 80 new errors every Sunday night before going to sleep, and is rightly very proud of his work.

Editing under the username Giraffedata, he explains the correct use of a certain term like so: "The phrase apparently originated as a confusion of 'comprise' and 'composed of', which mean about the same thing.

"Many writers use this phrase to aggrandise a sentence – to intentionally make it longer and more sophisticated. Example: 'a team comprised of scientists' versus 'a team of scientists'."



He then gives an example of one of his edits.

"The Wikipedia editorial community is comprised of many interesting people" would be changed to, "The Wikipedia editorial community is composed of many interesting people" or "The Wikipedia editorial community consists of many interesting people.

“I really do think I’m doing a public service, but at the same time, I get something out of it myself. It’s hard to imagine doing it for the rest of my life,” said Henderson.


“I don’t have any plans to quit, but I guess eventually, I’ll have to find a way. It’s hard to walk away, especially when I’ve actually accomplished something."

While JOE is prone to the occasional typo and grammatical error (we're not perfect, despite what our mams say), we applaud this man for making the world a slightly less idiotic place.

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