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23rd Jan 2016

This is what it costs to charge your smartphone or iPhone for a year

Alan Loughnane

This is a lot less than we expected…

There’s often a train of thought that charging your phone is quite expensive and over time, can bore a fairly hefty hole in your pocket.

But luckily, according to Forbes, it’s actually not very expensive to charge your smartphone for the year.

An iPhone/average smartphone hold around 1,440mAh of charge, or about 5.45 watt hours. This means that if you were to drain and charge your phone everyday, it would require 2,000 watt hours (or 2 kWh) of energy a year.

This equates to less than €0.40c.. to charge your phone for a year according to Forbes.

Your laptop may cost slightly more by using 72 kWh, which means it would mean a charge of around €12 to charge your laptop for 12 months.

We have to say, we definitely expected the cost of charging our phones to be far more, but at the same time, it has to be taken into account that you have to charge your iPhone battery at least eight times a day, therefore the cost listed above may go up for some people…

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