This just in... Tech giants Apple are fupping HUGE 5 years ago

This just in... Tech giants Apple are fupping HUGE

These numbers are just staggering.

While we all knew Apple were among the world's biggest companies, we had no idea they were quite this big.

The tech giants have just posted the biggest quarterly figures in the history of business, standing $18.04 billion in profit for Q1 of 2015.

To put that in context, the previous record holder was Gazprom - the biggest natural gas extractor in the world - and they previously held the record at $16.2 billion in a single quarter.

Apple's success dwarfs even the Russian company, however, and they make a revolting $8.3m dollars per hour in profit.

And that's 24 hours a day. Good jaysus.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook (Getty)

“Demand for iPhone was staggering,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told analysts. “This volume is hard to comprehend.”

The dizzying figures from the final three months of last year come down to the huge sales of the iPhone 6, particularly in China, and the company have so far sold over 74.5m of the bigger screen models.

Rob Enderle, of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley, said that the move to bigger screen iPhones would never have happened under the late Steve Jobs.

“Tim Cook clearly took a position on iPhone 6 that Steve Jobs never would have taken, and it paid off magnificently," he said.

"He is kicking ass.”