This week's blitzme deal feature - including the Vuzix Wrap 280XL Widescreen Video EyeWear Display 8 years ago

This week's blitzme deal feature - including the Vuzix Wrap 280XL Widescreen Video EyeWear Display

This week's deals from blitzme include Vuzix Wrap 280XL Widescreen Video EyeWear Display glasses, a stylus pen for touchscreen devices and a cool luggage tag.

Vuzix Wrap 280XL Widescreen Video EyeWear Display

RRP: €249.95

Our Price: €109.95

At home, on a plane or beside the pool, if you want to watch your favourite movies and videos without attracting stares, the Vuzix Wrap 280XL EyeWear display will be right up your street.

The virtual 51 inch Wrap 280XL screen offers unmatched performance, displaying both standard 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios, and it plays standard 2D and side-by-side format 3D movies. A Vuzix Auto 3D feature automatically enables the 3D viewing configuration when supporting media is played.

Stylish and available in different colours, it comes with an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible cable and connects to all NTSC or PAL audio/video devices.

The Vuzix Wrap 280XL Widescreen Video EyeWear Display is available from Monday and Tuesday 16-17 January.

Macally Penpal 2-Pack Stylus Set for Touch-Screen Devices

RRP: €29.99

Our Price: €14.99

These two stylus products for capacitive touchscreens are small, slender and light enough to be carried anywhere. They’re comfortable to hold in writing and pointing positions for long periods of use, the different sized stylii also save space when packing the product away, or putting it in your pocket.

The main stylus instrument includes a retractable ballpoint pen for note-taking, whilst a miniature stylus is included for touchscreen interaction on the go. It has a built-in lanyard at one end which can be used to attach the instrument to your phone, tablet, belt hoop or bag for fuss-free transportation.

The stylus also allows the user to see the touchscreen and selection of their movements much more clearly, helping to improve user accuracy when typing, drawing or playing games and it will keep your touchscreen free from smudges, fingerprints and damage.

The Macally PenPal Stylii is designed to be compatible with any capacitive touchscreen, so whether you've got an iPhone, Galaxy Tab, iPad or Desire HD, you can be sure the stylus will work flawlessly to help improve and streamline your interaction with your device.

The Macally Penpal 2-Pack Stylus Set is available from Wednesday and Thursday 18-19 January.

Bluetrek LostDog Luggage Tag - White

RRP: €17.99

Our Price: €7.99

You'll be able to spot your bag from a mile away with this lovely leather luggage tag. It can hold a business card or other form of identification and is a perfect gift for frequent and style-conscious travellers.

The Bluetrek LostDog Luggage Tag is available from today (Saturday) and Sunday 14-15 January.