Three tips to help fix any phone that's accidentally dropped in water 4 years ago

Three tips to help fix any phone that's accidentally dropped in water

These might help.

It can happen to any of us. You're checking your phone in the bathroom but somehow manage to accidentally drop it down the toilet or in the sink.

There's nothing that's more infuriating than seeing a €200+ phone being damaged due to your own stupidity but there's still a chance that it can be salvaged.


Before we tell you what's the best thing to do, here's what NOT to do.

Don't turn your phone on.

Your natural instinct is probably to see if it still works by turning it on but this will ultimately cause more harm than good.

The damage may have already been done but turning your phone on will most likely cause the circuits to blow, due to the moisture, as your phone might short circuit and become irretrievable.


Don't use heat

Another natural instinct is to expose your phone to a direct blast of heat that's emanating from a hair dryer or hand dryer.

This is a big mistake because it will probably just fry those freshly soaked circuits and chips.

Don't fret though because help is at hand with these three tips.


1) Use a bag of uncooked rice

A trick that your mother might have handed down to you but it's one that can be incredibly helpful.

Placing your phone in a bag of rice is very effective when it comes to absorbing any moisture that's inside the casing.

Just be careful that you don't get rice lodged in certain cracks and crevices.

White Rice (Photo by Hoberman Collection/UIG via Getty Images)

2) Silica gel

Do you know those small sachets that come in the box when you buy a new pair of runners? Well these small packets might also be able to serve a much more valuable purpose if you're phone is in dire and watery straits.

When using both rice and silica gel, leave your phone in a container filled with either of them for 48 hours and hope for the best.


3) An Evap pouch

This is a method that's unknown to me but this product claims that  its 'moisture absorbing qualities' are 700% more effective than rice but I've no idea how to test that claim.

After putting your phone in this pouch, wait for six-to-24 hours and hope to god that it still works.

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