Tinder fan? Then you’ll love this Tinder-style app for house parties 6 years ago

Tinder fan? Then you’ll love this Tinder-style app for house parties

It hasn’t caught on in Ireland yet, but we can see it taking off in a big way if and when it does.

We’ve all hosted or at least been to house parties that have either got out of hand because people who weren’t supposed to be there showed up uninvited or parties that have died on their ass because of a lack of numbers, but there’s an app out there that could sort out both of those problems in the future.


And it’s just like Tinder. Well, kind of.

KickOn, an app developed by an Australian former investment banker called Charlie Stewart, has already taken off Down Under and could be about to do likewise in the United States if Stewart’s attempts to win over the college crowd proves successful in the coming months.

The app allows users to search for parties in their area via GPS, similar to the way in which Tinder users use GPS to search for potential matches. Users can then swipe right to request the address and if the host of the party likes what they see, then the user will be given a ticket, or a ‘kicket’ in this case, in the form of a QR code which can be scanned on arrival to grant entry.




Guests and party hosts are also rated by stars so users will know if the party they’re on their way to will be of the Animal House variety or if the guest will turn out to be Johnny Popular, or Buzz Killington.


According to Mashable, college students in the US, where Stewart is currently marketing the app, can apply to get their party sponsored with €2,000 from the company, with Stewart hoping to capitalise on the popularity of frat parties Stateside. A couple of crates of cans would be sufficient over here, we'd wager.

JOE user Eoin Maher has been in touch to say that it’s already hugely popular in Australia – “a Tinder for sessions” is how Eoin eloquently described it – and if Stewart ever hopes to market it over here, then we’re pretty sure that a tag line like that would pretty much guarantee success.

Hat-tip to Eoin Maher for sending this one our way