Twitter is adding a new feature that will come in very handy for sports fans 9 months ago

Twitter is adding a new feature that will come in very handy for sports fans

If only we could have had it for last night's heroics in Cardiff.

If you’re anything like us, you spent most of last night wallowing in the glory of Ireland’s victory over Wales in Cardiff on social media, or frantically trying to find out who we could face in the play-offs next month.

On Twitter, that information coming from the relevant people you follow would have been included amongst tweets from others that had no relevance to the situation at all; sure it’s nice to have a mixture of people to follow to nurture your various interests, but there are times when one thing and one thing only is the sole focus of your concern.

With that in mind, Twitter has introduced a feature called Happening Now, which will provide a range of events at the top of your feed based on your interests and the accounts you follow.


The feature is available from today for Android and iOS users interested in sports in the United States, but is likely to extend to other sectors such as breaking news and entertainment before long.

As pointed out by Twitter employee Keith Coleman, Twitter users will be able to access a live scoreboard and a live timeline for a particular sporting event, with Coleman saying that the company is “just scratching the surface”.

It sounds like it will come in dead handy for events like the World Cup in Russia next summer… especially if Ireland are in it.