Twitter trialling major change to its reply function 3 years ago

Twitter trialling major change to its reply function

A major change to the way Twitter works could be on the way.

Twitter is currently trialling a major change to the way its reply function works.


Users will be able to select who can reply to their tweets, in an attempt to give tweeters control over who can participate in conversations that they begin.

When posting a tweet, users will be able to choose who can reply based on three options: everyone, people you follow and only people you mention.

If you opt for either of the latter, the reply function will be greyed out for all who don’t fit the description, making it impossible to reply to.

They can view, like and retweet the post, but they won’t be able to reply directly to the sender.


The thread itself will also acknowledge that replies are limited.

The goal of the change is to make conversation on Twitter more like conversation in real life, where you can choose exactly who it is that you communicate with.

For now, only certain groups of people are able to try out the new set up, but all users can see the effects, documented in this hilarious tweet from the official Twitter account: