Video: FINALLY! Take a look at the GTA V Online Heists Trailer 6 years ago

Video: FINALLY! Take a look at the GTA V Online Heists Trailer

We’ve been waiting well over a year to take down the biggest banks in Los Santos and Blaine County and we can finally say, the wait is almost over...

GTA V was released over a year ago, but it lacked the online heists that gamers had heard so much about. Now the wait is nearly over, as Rockstar recently released the Online Heists Trailer along with a bit more info about the new missions.


As we’ve already said, the wait is nearly over because GTA Online Heists are coming early in 2015. There’s no word yet on an exact date, but we’ll let you know when we find out.

So what has taken so damn long? Well, the lads over at IGN recently sat down with GTA Online producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar to find out what the problem was.

Here’s what Sarwar had to say: “As it turns out, creating missions of that complexity for multiple players at the same time was much more difficult than we anticipated and every time we thought we were close, something would send us back to square one. Having already let players know of our intentions with Heists, every setback only increased the pressure to make sure we got them right.”

We just hope the heists will be worth the wait...