VIDEO: Here's the new method that ATM scammers are using to steal money 6 years ago

VIDEO: Here's the new method that ATM scammers are using to steal money

The new method is becoming more popular.

It's very likely that you know someone that has been a victim after having their ATM card skimmed. This process involves thieves placing a device over an ATM in order to steal debit or credit card information from those cards that are used in the machine.


Like most other forms of theft, ATM robberies have evolved over the years. Fake panels, hidden cameras and secret slots have all been prominent in the past, but the new method of robbery has managed to turn the entire ATM into a skimming device.

Since '09, malware has been a common problem for banks and users alike, but the new malware has been upgraded in such a way that it's harder to detect.

According to Gizmodo, "hackers begin by installing a file called Backdoor.Win32.Skimer, malware that hides in the ATM code waiting for the hacker to open it with a particular card. The Skimer’s graphic interface appears on the display only after the card is ejected and if the criminal inserts the right session key from the pin pad into a special form in less than 60 seconds. With the help of this menu, the criminal can activate 21 different commands, such as dispensing money".

Here's a look at the new form of malware in action.


In order to prevent ATM theft from occurring in this manner, security firm Kaspersky recommend that banks conduct regular AV scans and use full disk encryption, password protection and isolate their ATM network from any internal networks.