Video: Nintendo and Sony made a hybrid console 20 years ago and this is what it looked like 6 years ago

Video: Nintendo and Sony made a hybrid console 20 years ago and this is what it looked like

Maybe it's best that this never went on general sale.

If you're old enough that you remember playing video games 20 years ago, the chances are high that you were playing those video games on a Sony PlayStation or a Super Nintendo.



Had the stars aligned differently, you could have been playing a hybrid called a 'Nintendo PlayStation', a console that very few people knew about until pictures and a video of the console surfaced online this week.

In the 1990s, before the introduction of the PlayStation, Sony and Nintendo were partners and with the former looking to enter the console game and the latter looking to revitalise the Super Nintendo, an idea to produce a hybrid console was born.

A man known as Dan Diebold posted pictures and a video to Reddit at the weekend having come across the hybrid console in his father's attic recently.


Dan's father, Terry Diebold, reportedly worked for a company run by the former President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the brilliantly named Olaf Olafsson.

When that company went under in 2009, he was tasked with disposing of a number of company resources, including the protoype units of the Nintendo PlayStation, 200 of which were made.


Terry obviously held onto one of the consoles in the attic and while it looks every one of its 20 years now, it must have been quite revolutionary at the time, with space for a cartridge and a CD rom, none of which have been tested by Dan Diebold since his recent discovery.

If Dan also stumbles across a hybrid game that combines the best of Crash Bandicoot with Mario Kart, then we insist that Sony and Nintendo combine to make this console happen once again.

Hat-tip to Business Insider