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21st May 2016

VIDEO: The world’s favourite flip-phone is about to make a comeback

Tony Cuddihy

For anyone who used to own a Motorola Razr, there is some very good news.

The world has recently rediscovered its love for the days when mobile phones were indestructible, but not yet smart, and now it seems like the Motorola Razr is about to make a comeback.

This ad may date from the mid-2000s – complete with cheesy Emo soundtrack – but if you watch until the end you’ll see this pop up on the screen…


On 9 June, the telecommunications company will unveil all of its new phones and combining the Razr with modern smartphone technology will be a huge hit. We hope.

Who doesn’t want to see flip-phones outside of the world of middling US crime procedurals like Criminal Minds and CSI?

Check out the ad.

Clip via Motorola Mobility

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