YouTube are about to fix something that annoys a lot of people 6 years ago

YouTube are about to fix something that annoys a lot of people

Thank god.

The chances are that you'll spend quite a bit of your day on YouTube checking out the latest music, sport and news.


There's good news if you're a YouTube addict because they've just announced plans to remove one of the most frustrating design kinks in their product. What could it be?


One of the main issues with YouTube is that a lot of the content on the site is in the format of the eye-offending vertical video.

What's this you ask? Well, have you ever watched a YouTube video and had those two gigantic black vertical bars that compress the content into the middle of the screen?

It looks something like this.


These black boxes on the edge of the screen appear because most people record videos in the same way that they would take a photograph, by vertically holding their phone as opposed to horizontally.


YouTube have put an end to this annoyance though with a new "streamlined" design for its app that will allow mobile users to watch videos in vertical mode. Basically you'll get full picture regardless of how the video is recorded.

The update is currently available on Android and will be rolled out to Apple products very soon.

Say cheese!

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