YouTube has officially launched a TV streaming service but we won’t be seeing it for a while 6 years ago

YouTube has officially launched a TV streaming service but we won’t be seeing it for a while

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it’s only available in the US for now.

YouTube has officially entered the world of on-demand television, having announced the launch of YouTube TV on Tuesday.


Fresh from announcing that one billion hours of YouTube is watched around the world EVERY DAY, YouTube TV was officially launched on Tuesday, with YouTube saying that the service is for consumers who “want TV to be more like YouTube”.

“Meet YouTube TV,” read the blurb on YouTube’s official blog.

“It’s live TV designed for the YouTube generation—those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments.”


What YouTube are promising certainly sounds impressive, but alas, for now, it’s only available in the largest US markets and there are no signs of an international launch anytime soon.

YouTube TV users, for example, will be able to avail of:

  • Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks in the US.
  • A cloud DVR, with no storage limits. With YouTube TV, consumers will be able to record live TV and never run out of storage. Your cloud DVR can record as many shows as you want, simultaneously, without using data and recordings will be stored for nine months.
  • The ability to watch it on any screen – mobile, tablet or computer – that can be streamed to a TV with a Google Chromecast or Chromecast built-in TV. YouTube TV works on both Android and iOS and recordings on a DVR can be streamed on any device.
  • YouTube Red Originals. With a YouTube TV membership, you can watch all YouTube Red Original series and movies on the YouTube TV app.
  • Six accounts for the price of one membership, which costs $35 (approximately €33) a month. Users can watch up to three concurrent streams at a time.

More information on YouTube TV is available here; if they fancy bringing it in over here anytime soon, it will be more than welcome.