5 ways Irish Entrepreneurs can utilise YouTube for their Start Up 8 years ago

5 ways Irish Entrepreneurs can utilise YouTube for their Start Up

YouTube is much more than the go-to place for funny cat videos and Russian dash-cam compilations. So here are five tops tips for making YouTube work for you.

When we think of YouTube we usually think of Ice Bucket Challenges and comedy skits that we share with our mates, but it’s also a fantastic platform for sharing your business idea, especially if your idea comes across better in video form.


Creating a YouTube account and posting content is also a great way to help boost the credibility of your business while also getting your name out there. Remember, you and your business are only one great video idea away from becoming a viral sensation.

1. Post short videos regularly

The most popular YouTube pages tend to post content on a regular and consistent basis and you should too. Whether it’s an explainer video showing people how your product works, or an interview with your Start Up team, there are plenty of ways to fill up your page with good, engaging content. You just have to be a little bit creative. Just make sure not to post feature length videos, because very few people will watch it all the way through.


2. Customise your YouTube page

Don’t leave your YouTube homepage blank. Make sure to customise it so that it reflects your brand image. Logos, bios, and links to your website/social media pages are also of vital importance as you want to self promote as much as possible.


3. Create eye-catching titles


Make sure to give your videos catchy titles that will make people want to watch them. Don’t just settle with ‘Video 1’ or ‘My Video’. Try and explain what the video is about without giving it all away. It might be tricky at first, but as the old saying goes: Practice Makes Perfect.

4. Less pop-ups, more subtitles

If there’s one thing that a lot of YouTube users hate it’s those annoying pop-up annotations urging you to ‘Like’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Watch Another Video’. Try and avoid using annotations, or use them at the very end of your videos if you must. And don’t forget to include subtitles to your videos, as there are plenty of hearing-impaired YouTube users who will greatly appreciate them.



5. Cross-post your videos to your other social media sites

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self-promotion, once you don’t go overboard. So make sure to tell your YouTube fan’s about your Facebook and Twitter pages, along with your standalone website. Also make sure to post your YouTube videos to your other social media sites as it’s a great way to get your Start Up’s name out there among social media users.

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