A tragic tale of love and loss in Coppers from a California girl 7 years ago

A tragic tale of love and loss in Coppers from a California girl

If you're an Irishman who went to Coppers in December (that should narrow down the search), you need to start checking your email, quickly.

By Adrian Collins

Craigslist personal ads really are an eclectic mix of subjects, but this one is an absolute belter. This girl from California was over in the Emerald Isle looking for a bit of craic around Christmas and needed a recommendation for where to go.

A nice young Irishman (sure aren't we all?) decided that the chivalrous thing to do would be to help this lovely girl to a fine establishment for a bit of Irish hospitality, so where else but Coppers?

The personal ad from Craigslist (which you can see here) reads: "On December 28th, you crossed the bar and kissed me before saying a word. We ended up at a hotel where all of the rooms were named after Irish celebrities. You took my email address, but I haven't heard from you and I don't have your contact information". We're sure he must have just forgotten to give her his number...

It all sounds tremendously romantic, but there's a slight hitch in the plan here for our nameless Irish hero, as at the end of the ad she says "I have something to tell you".

We highly doubt that she's looking for him because the lotto ticket they bought is a winner and she wants to split the prize money either.

Let's just say, we think this moment from The Simpsons might be very apt.

If nothing else, you might get a trip to California out of this. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.