Ad of the Week: Why celebrations should always include a flare gun 6 years ago

Ad of the Week: Why celebrations should always include a flare gun

A good advert should make you laugh or make you think. A new one from an American website manages the former with great gusto.

Weird celebrations are all too common, and letting off a flare to express your jubilation is right up there in the crazy ranks. But, that didn't stop the US comparison site, Kayak, having a go.

The ads show a generously proportioned couple kicking back, relaxing and enjoying some of their spare time in the living room. Nothing to raise the eyebrows at just yet. Then the husband spins round and declares proudly that "We're going to Cabo… Kayak has all the best deals".

The wife looks up from her needlework (someone should've told them it's not the 1800s) and pours cold water on her husband's plan. But, when she realises they can actually afford it she decides a little celebration is in order.

Out pops the flare gun - and before you know it, she's popping holes in the ceiling like it's a Swiss cheese tribute.


While it is a little weird, we probably shouldn't be too freaked. Sure didn't our own university students in Galway do the same at the Unofficial RAG Week on Wednesday. Sure it's all fun and games until someone losses an eye.

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