Alessandro del Piero says a lot of interesting things here about a potential move to Celtic 9 years ago

Alessandro del Piero says a lot of interesting things here about a potential move to Celtic

Could the Italian legend be making a move to Glasgow? We'll file it under 'maybe' for now.

Through no fault of their own, Celtic have slipped a little from the limelight in recent months. While they were tearing it up in the Champions League there was a lot of focus but once they exited after the group stage, their inevitable march to another Scottish title was not the sexiest story in world football.


New manager Ronny Delia might not mind operating under the radar for a while until he finds his feet but if he reads today's Scottish Sun, he might fancy giving a certain football legend a call to garner some headlines.

Alessandro del Piero is out of contract after leaving Sydney FC but even at 39, he is not ruling out a move to Celtic.

"Two years ago it was interesting and it would be interesting again. If we could talk then great. If you want I’ll give you my phone number and you can pass it on!", he told the Sun's journo.

“Celtic are a great team and I have always enjoyed playing in Scotland, so who knows? I know the league has changed with Rangers not being there, but they will be back soon enough. Celtic are also a club that could be in the group stage of the Champions League which is good.


Back in 2012 the Del Piero to Celtic rumours were rife and the Italian expanded on that potential move in the interview.

“We were in contact with Celtic, but it didn’t come to anything. They weren’t sure about which choice to make, I think they only had one spot left in their squad. But I was very interested in going to Scotland.

“Nothing happened, we talked but in the end I decided to go to Sydney. It never got to the stage where Celtic offered me a contract. It was unfortunate because I was very interested.

“I had lots of clubs interested in signing me at that time and one of them was Celtic. Had it reached the stage where they wanted me to go and see them to get something done, then I would have probably said yes.


“We could have sat down and talked about what was the best for Celtic and what was the best for me, but it didn’t arrive at that stage."

We have our doubts it will be any different in 2014, but we can dream can't we?