Anonymous targets Casey the Punisher's school 11 years ago

Anonymous targets Casey the Punisher's school

The notorius hackers group Anonymous has hacked into the website of Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus, St Marys - the school of Casey Heynes, aka Casey the Punisher.

16-year old Australian Casey Haynes had been repeatedly picked on at school by kids including the one in a video posted on YouTube, Richard Gale.


He finally snapped, however, and administered an almighty bodyslam on the concrete to a surprised Gale.

The event was captured on video and became a viral sensation (click here to view it).

Both Casey and Gale have been suspended from school, and Anonymous are objecting to Casey's punishment.

Anonymous hacked into the school's website, replacing the content on the site with their own message. The message reads: "We have had enough of this bigotry. They failed at providing a violence-free environment for their students, and when Zangief Kid (Casey) took things in his own hands they bitchslapped him for defending himself."


They have also encouraged people to email the school to let them know their displeasure.