Aviva Investors accidentally fire 1,300 members of staff... 7 years ago

Aviva Investors accidentally fire 1,300 members of staff...

We imagine staff at the Aviva Investors offices in London (and across the world) weren’t exactly thrilled when they received an email suggesting that they had been fired and wishing them well for the future.

The Daily Mail reports that a blundering worker at Aviva Investors accidentally gave 1,300 members of staff the boot by forwarding them a ‘so long, good luck’ email. The email was also forwarded to some of Aviva’s international offices too. Awkward…

The message, which was sent out by a worker in the human resources department, was only supposed to go to one worker who was leaving that day.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best for the future,” the email read.

It took a while for bosses to realise what had happened and staff were even more confused when, twenty five minutes later, the email was recalled. A second email was then sent to everyone in the office, apologising for the mistake.

According to a spokesman for the firm, the message did not tell people that they were fired, but in fairness, if you got an email that wished you well for the future, you’d start to question the security of your job, wouldn’t you?

“An email which was intended for a member of staff who was leaving today was accidentally sent to all Aviva Investors staff worldwide,” said Paul Lockstone, a spokesman for Aviva Investors.

“People were pretty quickly aware of the fact that this was a mistake…I don’t believe any of our staff would have seen it really as anything other than the mistake that it was,” he added.

Mr Lockstone said that he did not know why the intended recipient of the farewell email had decided to leave the company.

Who knows, maybe they received a farewell email by mistake earlier in the week and had just accepted it as being a dismissal?