Barcelona's Gerard Pique says, even now, Roy Keane scares the sh*t out of him 9 years ago

Barcelona's Gerard Pique says, even now, Roy Keane scares the sh*t out of him

This is coming from a fully grown adult...

We often wonder what it must have been like to work with Roy Keane. The Corkman's standards were higher than the majority of professional footballers so naturally there were times where teammates would fall below the required standard and feel his wrath.


Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique played alongside Keane at Manchester United for a season and the experience left a lasting impression on him that he hasn't been able to shake.

In an interview with FourFourTwo magazine, Pique admitted that the Irish midfielder was more intimidating than the United manager Alex Ferguson.

"I wouldn't say I was scared of Ferguson. Roy Keane? Well, maybe that's different!

"I remember we were in the changing room at Old Trafford and my phone started vibrating. Keano could hear the vibrations and went crazy trying to find out who the phone belonged to. That’s who he was."


Now, we all know how much Keano hates mobile phones in the work place. Exhibit A...

Pique's fear of Keane hasn't subsided despite the geographical distance between the two men and the fact that the Spaniard is now an an adult.

"Before we Barca beat Celtic 1-0 last season, I noticed him by the side of the pitch as a pundit as we went to warm up. I hid my face with my hand because he still scares me. I was 26 years old, and I was sh*tting myself!"


To be fair to Pique, Keane is a terrifying character.