Bidding war over dried glue that looks like Homer Simpson. Sort of. 10 years ago

Bidding war over dried glue that looks like Homer Simpson. Sort of.

Would you spend over €2,000 for a piece of dried glue? What if it looked like Homer Simpson?  Yeah, we didn’t think so, but apparently there are some people in the world who feel like their lives would be simply incomplete without some glue that looks like Homer.


A piece of dried glue that measures 1cm is currently attracting bids of over £2,000 on eBay just because it looks like Homer Simpson…eh…sort of…if you squint:

To see Homer you have to squint really hard... really, really hard

The Metro reports that Christopher Herbert, the man selling the glob of glue, noticed its “uncanny” resemblance to the cartoon character and listed it on eBay. He describes the item as “the missing piece in any Simpson enthusiast’s collection.”


We have to admit that Christopher uses some good marketing skills to entice buyers:

“This is a true to life likeness of Homer Simpson’s head, made naturally by an overflowing tube of Uhu glue!”

Naturally made. Sounds posh.

The bidding for the glue glob started at a measly 99p but has since increased to just over £2,000 after two bidders have started a fight to claim the glue. Honestly, these people are either stupidly rich or just plain stupid.


The seller from Camden in north London said: “I was amazed at how the bidding took off.”

We are too Christopher... we are too.