Biker caught speeding - without a bike  11 years ago

Biker caught speeding - without a bike

A biker in Switzerland is in trouble with the police after he was caught speeding, even though he wasn’t on his motorbike.

Police in Switzerland say that Mr. Boris Maier, 38, from Bern, was clocked doing 107 kph in a 80 kph zone. However, the speed camera failed to clock what speed Maier’s bike was travelling at, as it was a good five feet away from him, raining sparks all over the road.


The camera focused in on Mr. Maier instead of his bike but sadly for him the resulting image (above) still caught his number plate. The police in Switzerland believe Maier would have probably been going “a great deal faster” when he initially saw the camera, but he jammed on the breaks when he spotted it.

A police spokesman said, "It appears that he suddenly saw the traffic control measure ahead and lost control as he tried to slow down."

Maier was wearing protective leathers and a helmet so he left the scene relatively unhurt apart from some scratches and bruises. The police spokesman said Maier was lucky not to be killed and lucky that he wasn’t going just a touch faster. Had Maier been travelling at 110 kph instead of 107 kph, he would have lost his licence. He now faces a fine.

[Image via Police neuchâteloise]