Boxer takes on Twitter troll in truly epic fashion 6 years ago

Boxer takes on Twitter troll in truly epic fashion

Hats off to former footballer turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse, who has schooled a Twitter troll in top-class fashion.

Twitter trolls are a reality of life these days. While most of us escape their wrath, if you are in the public eye, especially in sport, you are bound to receive a fair bit of unwanted, and OTT grief.

Curtis Woodhouse was on the receiving end of some today. The former Birmingham City and Sheffield United midfielder quit football for boxing in 2006 and after juggling both sports for a while, he is now a full-time boxing pro.

At the weekend he lost to Shayne ‘The Pain’ Singleton and today, a Twitter user named @jimmyob88 decided to have a pop at the defeated Woodhouse.

Here’s a sample of his tweets at Woodhouse. Not the nicest we think you'll agree.

Anyway, rather than ignore him, Woodhouse took action. Somehow, he managed to get @jimmyob88’s address and tweeted that he was on his way to ‘have a little chat’ with him.

Woodhouse gave a countdown of his arrival, confirming the street name before tweeting out a picture when he arrived on the street, looking for help with the house number.

Sure enough, the troll backed down and apologized.

Since the Twitter fun, messages of support for Woodhouse have flooded in, with even Joey Barton getting involved tweeting: "I'm not an advocate of violence but what @woodhousecurtis has just done is hilarious! Another big mouth left with s**tty undies..."

Might make some trolls think twice in the future...