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Brendan O'Carroll turns down HBO offer of US Mrs Brown's Boys series
Only Brendan O'Carroll could manage to make millions from dressing up as a foul-mouthed granny. In fact, he's been so successful with Mrs Brown's Boys that he just turned down an offer from HBO...

You have to admire Brendan O’Carroll – only he could make millions out of dressing up as a foul-mouthed granny.

Yes, we’re talking about his recent success with the phenomenon that is Mrs Brown’s Boys. Not only has the programme collected some of the highest television ratings in Ireland and in the UK (7 million Brits tuned in to watch the last series of the show across the puddle) it’s also sold over 1 million DVDs since the first series was released as a box set.

And last week we told you that Mrs Brown’s Boys is very likely to be coming to a cinema screen near you soon with Brendan himself confirming that filming will begin in August of next year.

So Brendan O’Carroll not only has top ratings, millions of DVD sales, an animated series, a theatrical show and a film behind him as a result of his Agnes Brown character, now he’s also been approached by American bigwigs HBO to talk about potentially filming a once-off special of Mrs Browns Boys. Seriously.

RTE reports that Brendan O’Carroll has turned down a “ridiculous” amount of money to take Mrs Brown’s Boys to the US.

Apparently Brendan was approached by HBO, the US network that is behind shows like Game of Thrones, Entourage and The Sopranos. According to reports, HBO wanted Brendan to do a once-off special, but gave him the option of stretching the show into a series if the special was received well by viewers.

“I’ve already been approached by HBO, initially a special with a commitment that if it pulls the numbers that we’ll go ahead with a series,” Brendan said.

However, Brendan has said that he would rather spend time with his family than up sticks and head across to the States.

“This is going to sound very lazy – I work 26 weeks a year and I take 26 weeks off. That’s the way my life is and that’s the way I like my life,” he said.


Speaking to the Irish Daily Star Brendan then explained that while HBO is offering him “ridiculous money” they’re also looking for two years of work.

“Now I could get a real job and do two years’ work. I don’t want to do that. I’m in a very privileged position,” he said.

“Those 26 weeks off I spend with the people I want to spend time with. There’s no money you could pay me to give those up,” he added.

A third series of Mrs Brown’s Boys has been commissioned by RTE and will be broadcast later this year.

Whether you love the humour of Mrs Brown’s Boys or absolutely despise the show, you have to admit, Brendan O’Carroll deserves a nod for how successful he’s made it over the past few months.

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