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Brian Kennedy defends his Saturday Night Show walk-off
Brian Kennedy has finally spoken about his walk-off on the Saturday Night Show last weekend.


Brian Kennedy has finally spoken out and defended his walk-off on the Saturday Night Show last weekend.

We don’t know about you, but when we heard Kennedy would be appearing alongside arch-nemesis journalist Paul Martin, we just knew it’d make for some excellent TV. And we weren’t disappointed.

The Voice of Ireland judge has said that he chose to walk off the stage as he had simply "had enough" of Brendan O’Connor trying to get him to make peace with Paul Martin.

Chances are that by this stage you’ve witnessed the youtube video yourself, but just in case you haven’t we've included it above and here’s a brief summary:

Annoying television show host tries to be like Jeremy Kyle and reunite a singer and a journalist who are at war, after one said something mean and the other one retaliated by throwing red wine. Mature. Journalist plays up to crowd, offering a hug and a handshake. Singer has a hissy fit and storms off stage. Journalist ends segment with a smug quote. Television show host resigns himself to the fact that he will never be Jeremy Kyle, no matter how much he tries. Dreams are crushed. The audience wonders why on earth they ever agreed to be there. The end.

Okay, so it wasn’t as explosive as we had previously thought it would be but even still, it meant that something actually happened on The Saturday Night Show for once and we're grateful for that.

The two had originally fallen out during the filming for Celebrity Come Dine With Me Ireland and, if their appearance on The Saturday Night Show is any indication, they are still at war.

Speaking about last weekend, Brian Kennedy was straight to the point:


“I just got really bored and didn’t want to spend another second with either of them,” he said.

You’re probably right Brian, but in fairness, we reckon that they were getting bored of you too.

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