Casey the Punisher: Gale's mother wants apology 12 years ago

Casey the Punisher: Gale's mother wants apology

The mother of bully Richard Gale has demanded her son apologise to Casey Haynes, the kid who fought back and became a viral sensation.

16-year old Australian Casey Haynes had been repeatedly picked on at school, by kids including the one in this video.


He finally snapped, however, and administered an almighty bodyslam on the concrete to a surprised Gale.

The video was captured on video and became a viral sensation after being posted on YouTube (it was even featured in's Tuesday edition of JOE tube).

There are numerous Facebook pages devoted to Heynes, who has now appropriated cult hero status and been dubbed Casey the Punisher.


“We don’t need this posted everywhere,” an emotional Tina Gale told the Australian channel Seven Network. “I would like him to apologise.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that she had asked Casey Haynes to apologise, but Mrs Heynes later sought a retraction from the Telegraph insisting she had wanted her son to give the apology.

When asked if she defended her own child's behavior, she replied “I was actually shocked because I always brought my three children up to walk away from fights.”

Casey's own father has said of his son: “He’s not a violent kid, it’s the first time he’s lashed out and I don’t want him to be victimised over that."


He spoke of how Heynes had been bullied for years and feared that there would “be reprisals from other kids in the school and he still has to go to school somewhere."

Both kids have been suspended from Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus, St Marys for four days.