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Call the cops! 100 meters of telephone cable and other weird stuff stolen in Limerick
Thieves in Limerick managed to get away with 100m of telephone cable. No wonder no-one called the Gardaí.

Late last week, thieves in Limerick managed to sneak away with 100m of telephone cable. No wonder no-one called the Gardaí.

According to the Limerick Leader, it is thought that the cable cutting robbers were after the copper bit of the cables, as there is currently a high demand for the metal.

One resident who was affected by the phone lines being cut off spoke to the Limerick Leader saying that this is ‘rural theft at it’s very worst’.

However, that’s not the only strange theft happening in the countryside of Ireland as of late. Recent court cases from Limerick, Kilmallock and Newcastle West district courts have seen criminals targeting copper wiring in ghost estates while other construction sites and builders yards have also been targeted.

Even manhole covers fitted by the ESB have gone walkies, while some thieves will even go as far as to steal car batteries and county council signs so they can sell them on as scrap metal.

Metal theft in rural Ireland is becoming a fast growing problem and many are calling for new ‘severe penalties’ for those caught trying to pilfer metal that’s not theirs.

Well, at least that’s Crime Watch sorted for a few weeks.

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