Carlsberg drop probably and announce new slogan and ad campaign 10 years ago

Carlsberg drop probably and announce new slogan and ad campaign

No longer will we hear “Point of probs roysh” uttered in pubs as Carlsberg introduce a new slogan and ad campaign.

After years of successful marketing and the whole world getting used to Carlsberg being “probably” the best lager in the world, marketing boffins from the Danish beer have decided to turn the booze world on its axis and come up with a new Carlsberg slogan and ad campaign.


Having seemingly been with us forever, “probably” is being ditched in favour of the all-new tagline “That calls for a Carlsberg.” The popular lager will also refresh its logo under its new campaign.

Khalil Younes, Carlsberg’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Innovation said, "Carlsberg is a fantastic brand, but the brand has even more potential that can be cultivated... It is time we take Carlsberg to the next level."

The company made the announcement this week, saying that the new-look marketing campaign will be rolled out across 140 markets. The launch will include a new 30-second TV ad, ‘Spaceman’.

Only time will tell if this is a wise move from the Carlsberg camp, but if, as they hope, it turns out that by 2015 Carlsberg “will have doubled its profits”, that’ll certainly call for a Carlsberg.