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22nd Jan 2014

Check out Luis Suarez as a 14-year-old playing for Nacional in Uruguay

He looks so... innocent.

Tony Cuddihy

Who would have thought this angel-faced 14-year-old would turn out to be the scourge of referees, Serbian defenders and FA disciplinary boards just a decade or so later?

The quite brilliant Old School Panini site has put up this picture of a beaming Luis Suarez back in his days with Uruguayan club Nacional, where he overcame some early difficulties (being caught drinking, headbutting referees, the usual) to help the side win the Uruguayan league in 2005/2006.

Interestingly, this picture comes from the 2011 AH Eredivisie Album, when Suarez was captaining Ajax.

The album features pictures of every player as a child alongside the more recent sticker, something every football anorak can appreciate.