Check out the great new way to play online bingo 10 years ago

Check out the great new way to play online bingo

All kinds of people play bingo but when you hear the word “bingo,” what do you think of?

A dog and "Bingo" was his name-o? Little old ladies, all members of the blue rinse brigade, shuffling their way into the local converted dance hall for 9 hours straight of sheer ball bliss? Or, like us, maybe it’s one of the best jokes in the Naked Gun series that springs to mind...


You might have thought that bingo was a game reserved for those older ladies, but if so, you’ve probably never gone into an online bingo chat room. Once you do, you’ll discover that since the game went online its image has changed considerably from the traditional view we all have of it.

The great thing about online bingo is that players can let the software do the work. Now, there’s no longer the need for deathly silence and ‘eyes down’ once those numbers start being called out. With online bingo, players can relax about listening out for the numbers as the computer does it for them, automatically marking off any numbers on their cards that match the calls. So there’s definitely no danger of missing out on a win.

What’s so unique about Chit Chat Bingo is that, while the software takes over the hard slog of tracking numbers, the players are left free to chat with others in the bingo chat rooms and bingo is most certainly not the only topic of conversation. There’s always a bit of a buzz in the chat rooms as there are plenty of chat games going on as well as the main bingo games. Chat games can win you extra tickets or cash prizes – always handy!


And with the convenience of being able to join a bingo game at any time of the day or night, the profile of the average bingo player has changed considerably. There are lots of young women who play online bingo as a way to unwind – whether it’s after a busy day at work or too much time at home on their own with the kids!

Bingo sites have also noticed that a lot of players get online at the end of a night out – they’re not ready to go straight to sleep, so spend some time playing a few games of bingo before they crash out for the night.

Some marriages have even sprung from an initial meeting in a bingo chat room, so if you’re looking for love, it might be a new place to start looking for an ideal soul mate too!