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Video games = bad health? No more.
A new academic study conducted in Britain and Ireland has shown that video games are not actually detrimental to health.

In a new academic study conducted in Britain and Ireland, one in three parents have revealed that they play computer games with their children every single day – and that a majority of children showed improved concentration span through playing games.

The study was conducted by PopCap Games in partnership with Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths University, who examined how parents in the UK and Ireland used games to interact with their children.

Approximately one-third of the 3250 parents who took part in the study play computer games with their children every day, with 80 per cent describing this as quality time.

As far as the Irish portion of the results went, 78 per cent of children showed an improvement in their understanding of technology through playing computer games, 69 per cent were more relaxed after playing, 56 per cent showed improved concentration and almost 1 in 2 reported improved problem-solving ability as a result of computer games.

Those behind the study believe it goes some way towards debunking the myth that playing computer games has a long-term detrimental effect on health.

Cathy Orr, Senior Director of International PR of PopCap Games, said: “As technology becomes even more consumer-friendly, we at PopCap are delighted to see videogames playing an increasing role within family leisure time.

“Videogames are becoming as popular a mainstream lifestyle entertainment as movies or music and finding a place in family life alongside traditional parlour or board games – or in many cases, providing a new videogame format for family favourite board games.

“PopCap has conducted a lot of research to prove that casual games are not only extremely fun but can also aid stress relief - undoubtedly a positive for family members across the board!”

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