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04th Jul 2013

Colm Tobin gets his own back on Twitter joke “borrower” Will Carling in the best possible way

Where there’s a Will, there’s a pay... ment due.

Eoghan Doherty

With the (still raw) news of Brian O’Driscoll’s omission from the Lions squad to face the Wallabies this Saturday, a lot of people inevitably turned to Twitter to vent their shock at Warren Gatland’s bonkers decision.

You can read some of the varied reactions here,  but one of JOE’s favourites had to be Colm Tobin’s gem below:



Sound familiar though? That’s because ex-England rugby captain Will Carling also tweeted something veeerrrrrrrrrry similar:


Of course Colm, being the brain behind the original tweet decided to point that out in his own very special way this morning.

Check out his brilliant invoice for services rendered:

You have been warned joke borrowers…

BREAKING NEWS: Will Carling has actually just tweeted Colm directly to apologise. Fair play:

carling 2

He’ll still have to pay the fee though, right?

All’s well that ends well… apart from the whole, y’know, O’Driscoll still not being in the Lions squad thing.