Could Usain Bolt end up playing football for Jamaica after the 2016 Olympics? 7 years ago

Could Usain Bolt end up playing football for Jamaica after the 2016 Olympics?

He certainly wouldn’t be a bad man to bring off the bench against a tiring defence.

You might remember Coach Irv Blitzer saying that sprinters make the best bob sledders in Cool Runnings and it would appear as if the coach of the Jamaican football team is trying to adapt the theory to the beautiful game in pursuit of the fastest man in the world, one Usain Bolt.


Bolt, of course, is a massive football fan and a big follower of Manchester United and though the idea seems an incredibly far-fetched one, a post on his Instagram page would suggest he is open to it.

The Jamaican coach, Winfried Schaefer, raised the possibility this week in conversation with Jamaican media, which prompted the front page headline that Bolt included in the Instagram post above.

On the possibility of Bolt playing football for his country following his retirement from athletics after the 2016 Olympics, Schaefer had said: “I hope he wants to play for his country because we can make him a very good player. After the 2016 Olympics in Brazil I want to see him here in our training, that is what I want to tell him.

“When he has good training with our team here in Jamaica and learns with the ball then he’ll be one of the best players.

“We can make him very good when he plays professionally and I’m his coach.”

Bolt will be 30 following the 2016 Olympics and though most athletes tend to lose a yard or two of pace once they go past 30, a slightly slower Bolt would still probably be as fast, if not faster, than any other footballer on the planet.


Sign him up Moyesie (if you’re still at Old Trafford at that stage, of course).