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Dance Download Tracks of the Week
Every week, JOE dance music writer and DJ, Craig G, tips his essential tracks. This time it’s Temple Cloud, Aquasky and Fred V & Grafix who get the nod.

Every week, JOE dance music writer and DJ, Craig G, tips his essential tracks. This time it’s Temple Cloud, Aquasky and Fred V & Grafix who get the nod.

Temple Cloud are a little known three piece band consisting of Hannah Symons, Simon Gwilliam and Steve Evans. If truth be told, the fact that they are little known is all set to change thanks to their cover of Embrace's One Big Family being commissioned for the latest KFC add.

Their cover is a stunningly beautiful piece of work but it's the Ghosts Of Paraguay remix that has me rubbing my chin, rarely do you come across an artist who can churn out tune after tune not only of the highest calibre but with such immense musical diversity as well. British-born David Templeman who records under the stage name Ghosts Of Paraguay is one of those artists.

Ghosts Of Paraguay's 'Glitchstep Mix' of One Big Family (which is available above as a free download) is a slow-burned melodic adventure that's rife with swirling percussive effects and lush pads that float spaciously above the sumptuous string backdrop and titanic sub-bass, with Hannah Symons’ dreamy vocal tying proceedings together and adding spice to this hypnotic peyote-flavoured soundscape. An epic taste bud-quelling tune.

You can download for free here

Dave Wallace, Kieron Bailey and Brent Newitt who produce under the moniker Aquasky are probably best known for their drum 'n' bass and breakbeat outings on labels such as Moving Shadow, Reinforced and Good Looking. These outings featured corroborations with Meat Katie, The Breakfastaz, Rob Le Pitch, MC Spyda, Tayo, Sporty-O, Goldmouf and The Ragga Twins amongst others.

Their latest offering You Take Me There is a full-on gnarly dub-step affair with an early 90s piano loop used to great effect alongside the soulful female vocals courtesy of one Diane Charlemagne. If by some strange reason the original is not gritty enough for you then Cutline's gut-wrenching rework should do the trick - as hard as a pissed-up neo-Nazi at a bar mitzvah.


Fred Vahrman (20) and Josh Jackson (18) aka drum & bass heavyweights Fred V & Grafix are successful stand-alone producers with numerous solo releases under each of their belts. Having proved they can work well on their own, they’ve now come together (the duo are currently studying music production together at Bath Spa University).

Long Distance is a piano-laden electro-infused drum 'n' bass banger that's driven into the stratosphere by a wall of searing synth lines and a tightly orchestrated chopped up vocal sample that's used to enormous effect.

With all the main ingredients present and correct plus support already coming from Danny Byrd, Netsky, Mutated Forms, Metrika and BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, I suspect this release will fly - a peak-time main room anthem.

JOE’s Dance Downloads is compiled by veteran DJ Craig G. The Dubliner has performed sets in numerous clubs during the course of his 18-year career including The Dragon Nightclub in Dublin and The Vic Nightclub in Galway. His mixes, meanwhile, have been featured on 2fm. Craig G has been working with Rampage School of Dance for the past eight years, putting scores for their live performances. Their last collaboration enjoyed a sold-out run at The Mermaid Arts Theatre.

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