Don't step on American Idol judge Randy Jackson's blue derby shoes 12 years ago

Don't step on American Idol judge Randy Jackson's blue derby shoes

Simon Cowell's bizarre crewcut side parting and moob pride began a dangerous slope for TV talent judge fashion, while his departure from American Idol has clearly melted Randy Jackson's brain.

By Emmet Purcell


Yo dawg, yo dawg, yo…. dawg, why are you wearing bright electric blue shoes? And by ‘dawg’ we mean American Idol judge Randy Jackson. What’s going on? Has half a season without Simon Cowell destroyed his fashion sense forever?

Promoting the knock-out rounds for American Idol Season 10, the man that has been with American Idol from the very start, music producer and talent judge Randy Jackson, arrived at the Jay Leno show last week to discuss his fellow judges (Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez) and defend his appalling footwear choices.

Protesting from the moment he took a seat on Jay’s couch, Jackson exclaimed: “No dude, this the Jay Leno… you gotta bring out the good stuff!” adding “a little electric for the electric Jay’, which actually makes no sense whatsoever.


Not even Freddie Mercury would wear these, because he's dead

Randy’s style has came a long way since the heady days of the 1980s, when the cheerful judge was probably the inspiration for X Factor reject Paije Richardson’s ‘unique’ style. If anything, Jackson has gradually grown more stylish as the show has gone from strength to strength, which is why we’re baffled by his electric blue derby shoes on display for last week’s show.

We won’t be too mean to Randy this week, however, after all, this is a guy so nice he’ll even autograph your Samurai sword on the street.Yet suffice to say, electric blue shoes should not exist and to the best of our knowledge prior to seeing these picture, they had never existed.

Were these custom made? Or more importantly, doesn’t being a talent judge require taste, taste that at the very least laughs in the face of blue footwear?


Pfft, for wearing these Aquaman-inspired abominations, Randy Jackson, nice guy or not, earns a much-deserved place in our 'Dressed in the Dark' section, while if fellow judge Steven Tyler persists on his current uber-dandy, racoon tail-earring phase, he may be joining Randy sooner rather than later.